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Art Code Gallery is devoted to contemporary fine art and to providing consulting advice on art investment and acquisitions of art-pieces with great artistic and investment value. Being located in Hong Kong, the gallery has a representation office in Europe with close access to talented young artists from that part of the world.


​The mission of the gallery is to display the pieces of fine art, and to search and discover new names in the art of the beginning of XXI: painters, graphic artists, sculptors, photographers. The gallery pays a special attention to the support of art of young artists with age below 35 years old from the countries of Latin America, Middle East, Africa, and Russia, those who might not be popular yet, but have talent and deserve to be displayed and to be known by the world.

The founders of the gallery truly believe that art contributes to the understanding of the world and of other people. That is why art is not just a commodity for sale; it reflects our society and the human inner world of the artist. Therefore, besides its investment value, the most important value of art lies in its social meaning. For selecting the art piece, the main criterion is an indisputable professionalism of the artist, the uniqueness of the visual language used, and the message that the artist transmits to the viewer.


The activity of the gallery includes but is not limited to the sale of contemporary art. The gallery carries out an active exhibition policy, offers consulting, including on investments into art, provides other services for the art environment. We display different types of art, including photography and the new media, but emphasize on visual art and sculpture.


Art is a kind of a code, a message from the artist to other people. The artist reaches out to the minds and the hearts by transforming his/her inner state through his creation into the external world, encoding part of his soul, thoughts and emotions in his work.  Linear and non-linear communication of the artist with other people often does not give a chance to understand the true meaning of the artwork. The gallery helps its clients and the public to understand what the artist wanted to express by his work.


Most of the artwork displayed by the gallery is undoubtedly of a high artistic level and is collectible, with a large investment potential. The credo of the gallery is an individual approach to each art acquisition in combination with providing full information about today art.

Art Code Gallery has a valuable experience of collaboration with collectors worldwide, particularly with representatives from major hotel chains, private banking collections, and corporate collections. Currently the gallery is extending its connections to Asia, including art connoisseurs and corporate structures interested in art as investment.

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