Vladimir Dgemesuk

Vladimir Dgemesuk was born in 1955 in Siberia.


He graduated from the University of Krupskaya and afterwards from the Moscow Polygraphic Institute.

1994 - Member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia.

1997 - Member of the Union of Russian Artists.


Since 1986 he took part in more than 50 exhibitions including:

- at the 16th and the 19th youth exhibitions «Youth of Russia» within the Association of Moscow Artists - an exhibition at the «OT on Kashirka»;

- in 2001 in USA;

- in 1990 in exhibition of graphics at the International Federation of Artists;

- in 2006 in exhibition at the gallery «Vision Future», Nice, France.


Personal exhibitions: 


1993 – at the Research Institute of Motion Picture Arts, Moscow, Russia.

1998 - «People’s Strings», Russian-French gallery «Les Oreades. Moscow «, Russia.

2008 - Gallery “Les Oreades. Moscow», Russia.

2009 - «Evenings on x ...» to the 200th anniversary of Gogol. Gala Gallery. Moscow, Russia.


Currently he lives and works in Moscow.

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