Iralin Rustam

Born in Russia and currently residing in the US, he works as a contemporary figurative artist in both countries. His works are held in private art collections in Russia, the United States, Australia and Europe.




The figures in Iralin’s works are often depicted in contemplation, posing with their backs to the viewer or their faces turned away, while possessing a robust physicality that complements their melancholic sensibility with bodily vigor. His impressionistic approach to oil painting—visible brushstrokes, the use of bright tones against dark tones and dissolving contours—and the unfinished realism in his drawings make the figures in his work appear almost dreamlike since they are mostly figments of his imagination. For Rustam, each human body has a story to tell, each brush stroke is the result of emotional expansion, releasing intimate drama to the universe. By fleshing out his imaginary figures, he becomes a storyteller and the viewers become his audience.


The driving force in his drawings or paintings is dynamism. It brings life to a subject and makes us read the emotional background.


In his “Expansion” series of works for Asia Contemporary Art Show in Hong Kong, Rustam reveals the hidden emotional power that invigorates the human body. His figures convey a spirited realness, as if caught in the moment of conversion, when emotional energy becomes kinetic. The viewer is invited to join the figure in that very human moment when a thought becomes an action.


The choice of the light blue color in his paintings of “Expansion” series slows down and reassures the viewer. The color exhibits an inner security and confidence which wraps up all dynamic figures on the canvas.




Born in Ishimbay, Russia in 1984, Rustam Iralin began drawing when he was 12 years old. Encouraged to capture people’s emotions and inspired to explore more of their lives through drawing, he actively participated in school exhibitions until he was 16. Raised in Ufa, Russia, Rustam has been distracted from his artistic pursuits and received a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and Translation studies in 2002.


After a long run, in 2012 Mr. Iralin found himself very inspired by the greatest Russian masters like Ilya Repin, Nikolai Blokhin and Nikolai Feshin. As a self-taught artist, Rustam started his artistic career in Moscow when studying old masters’ technique in oil painting and drawing. He studied human anatomy to develop his own vision and style in artwork and achieved extraordinary expressiveness in the male figurative painting. Masterfully created, Rustam’s heartfelt pieces embrace with deep sensuality and pure emotional capture.


In 2013 Rustam has participated in GLAAD Art Auction, NYC where he donated one of his paintings to the fund.

Later in fall of 2014, Rustam created art pieces for the global social movement GIRL RISING to support the truth that educating girls can transform societies and that every girl has the right to go to school and reach her potential in this life. Ten artworks (painting and drawing) exhibited in ARTPLAY, Moscow together with the GIRL RISING film screening.


In 2016 Rustam has created more than 40 art pieces for his solo show at the NAME art place in Moscow.


In 2017 Mr. Iralin moved to Los Angeles,USA as a permanent resident and created 5 paintings of male figures under series of “Expansion”.


Today Rustam is based in Los Angeles and continues to work as a figurative artist experimenting with abstract techniques while doing realistic human figures. Many of his artwork demonstrate his desire to combine his fascination with anatomy, art history and technique to reveal emotional drama of the figures as well.


Selected exhibitions:

  • 2016 — a solo exhibition “NAME: Rustam Iralin”, Moscow, Russia.

  • 2014 — a group exhibition “GIRL RISING”, ARTPLAY, Moscow, Russia.

  • 2013 — a group exhibition “GLAAD Art Auction”, New York, USA.

Lot: AC100IR001 Expansion no.1, 2017 Size: 76x76 cm Medium: Oil on Canvas

Lot: AC100IR002 Expansion no.2, 2017 Size: 76x76 cm Medium: Oil on Canvas

Lot: AC100IR003 Expansion no.3, 2017 Size: 76x76 cm Medium: Oil on Canvas

Lot: AC100IR004 Expansion no.4, 2017 Size: 51x51 cm Medium: Oil on Canvas

Lot: AC100IR005 Expansion no.5, 2017 Size: 51x51 cm Medium: Oil on Canvas