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Kolpakov Artem

Lot: AC100KA008 Imaginative Bouquet, 2013 Size: 30x40 cm Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Lot: AC100KA002 Peeping After Life, 2013 Size: 40x50 cm Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Lot: AC100KA003 In the Grip of Loneliness, 2015 Size: 40x80 cm Medium: Acrylic, Coal on Canvas

Lot: AC100KA004 Torchers' Family, 2015 Size: 50x60 cm Medium: Pastel on Canvas

Lot: AC100KA005 All Gone. Into the Space, 2017 Size: 40x60 cm Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Lot: AC100KA006 Dream Guardians, 2015 Size: 100x50 cm Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Lot: AC100KA007 The Many-faced, 2015 Size: 80x90 cm Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Lot: AC100KA001 Time of Centimeters, 2013 Size: 30x30 cm Medium: Acrylic on Canvas



Born in 1980, Russia. 

Education: university degree. 

Member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia (CUAR) since 2014, "Intuitive art" section. 


Group exhibitions 


2014 – Exhibition hall "Lavrushensky 15" of the Russian Academy of Arts.

2015 – Exhibition at The Central House of The Artist.




The artist writes in a distinctive genre, close to naïve art, a mixture of figurative art and abstraction. Each work is one of a fictional world in which there are multiple storylines, typical characters, and protagonists, its own pace, movement, and rhythm. Looking at the artwork there is a feeling that you have been there and have experienced similar history. In each art piece the spectator finds something different and each time something new. 


Artist’s statement


"We live in the era of the monotonous rhythm of life. From work to home. From home to work. I call this condition a robotization, because we are like robots, doing many things mindlessly, automatically. I think one of my tasks is to take the viewer a minute from this state and provide a rocket-like impulse that would rip him out of this context and allow him to dream, to escape from reality, or to be for a moment in another world.


My paintings are multi-threaded stories with different rhythm, tempo, and color combinations. It is a fiction, a fantasy, something non-existent. However, often parallels might be drawn with real people lives, practices and principles, routines, habits, or affections. It is interesting to observe, analyze, and shift the results into the language of abstraction. In some sense it is an allegorical analysis of the existing model of life, or a mystery of a suddenly-occurred plot. The expressive symbolism."

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