Mikhail Golubev

Mikhail Golubev was born in 1981 in the city of Stavropol, Russia.

In 1998 finished the art class of school № 85 in Omsk, Russia.

In 2002 graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Omsk State Pedagogical University, Russia. Since 2009, regularly exhibited at the gallery exhibitions «LES OREADES. Moscow».

Participant of numerous exhibitions.




2002  - First personal exhibition “For the first time” (Omsk, Russia).

2002 - 2003 - Took part in exhibitions, organized by the Art Museum of Pavlodar (Kazakhstan).

2003 - “Here was I” - personal exhibition at the art gallery “Bosch” (Omsk, Russia).

2004 – “Minds and moods” – personal exhibition at the Omsk Regional Art Museum of M.Vrubel (Omsk, Russia).

2005 - “My Cockroaches” - personal exhibition in the art gallery “Chernoff” (Novosibirsk, Russia).

2006 - Personal exhibition “In Jest and In Earnest” at the modern art gallery “Loshad Przhevalskogo” (Omsk, Russia).

2006 – Personal exhibition “From Siberia to Siberia” at the Novosibirsk State Museum of Local Lore (Novosibirsk, Russia).

2006 - Personal exhibition “Spring Salute” at the Omsk office of “Investsberbank” (Omsk, Russia).

2006 - Took part in “The painter in search of ideal. Omsk – 1960 – 21 century” exhibition, organized by the Municipal Art Museum (Omsk, Russia).

2007 - Took part in the regional exhibition “Mobil youth”, organized by Novokuznetsk State Art Museum (Novokuznetsk, Russia).

2007 - Took part in the exhibition «Glorifying My City» of Omsk Union of Artists of Russia (Omsk, Russia).

2008 - Personal exhibition at the Tomsk State Museum «Happiness of existence» (Tomsk, Russia).

2008 - Personal exhibition «Horse in the coat» in art-gallery «Angel South» (St-Petersburg, Russia).

2009 - Personal exhibition at Les Oreades Gallery, Moscow, Russia.

2010 - Personal exhibition at Les Oreades Gallery, Moscow, Russia.

2011 - Finalist of ArtPreview.

2012 - Personal exhibition at the Hotel Marco Polo Presnya (Moscow, Russia).

2012 - Finalist of ArtPreview.

2013 - Personal exhibition at the Russian Economic University Plekhanov (Moscow, Russia).

2013 - Personal exhibition at the hotel «Marco Polo Presnya» (Moscow, Russia).

2013 - Personal exhibition at the Central House of Journalists (Moscow, Russia).

2014 - Personal exhibition at the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation (Moscow, Russia).


Mikhail Golubev’s works are located in personal collections in Russia and other countries.


Lives and works in St. Petersburg, Russia.

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