Alexey Lancev

Born in 1970 in the city of Krasnodar. 

In 1986 graduated from Krasnodar Art School.

In 1996, he graduated from the Moscow State Art Academic University of Surikov. Studied in the workshop of N.I. Andronov.


Since 1996, he participated in numerous exhibitions in Moscow and abroad:


1998 - Exhibition «Peter the Great in England» - a trip to London.

1999 - Personal exhibition at the gallery «Les Oreades» Moscow.

2001 - Personal exhibition at the gallery «Zee stone» - EastMeetsWestGallery, Hong Kong; biennial of modern graphics Novosibirsk, Switzerland «Arte-2001» (Basel).

2002/2004 - work on monumental paintings in Chukotka.

2005 - Exhibition «Euro-Art» in Geneva, Switzerland.

2006 - Personal exhibitions «Galerie Ncadrement» France, in the Embassy of Iceland, in the Belgorod Museum of Art. Pop-off-art.

2007 - Exhibition of modern graphics «HudGraph», EastMeetsWestGallery, New Manege, Moscow, 2007 - personal exhibition at the gallery «Mimesis» Geneva (Switzerland).

2008 - Exhibition «Summer at the “Les Oreades» CHA, Moscow.

2009 - Joint exhibition with Natalia Khokhlova in Konstanz (Germany).

2010 - Graphic Arts Fair «HudGraph», EastMeetsWestGallery, New Manezh, M., 

2010 - Personal exhibition at the gallery «Les Oreades», Moscow.

2010 - Participant of the symposium «Alanika», Vladikavkaz (Ossetia).

2011 - Work on monumental paintings in Chukotka.

2011 - Exhibition «Khudgraf» EastMeetsWestGallery, New Manege, Moscow.

2011 - Joint exhibition with Hans Mendler at the gallery Saby Lazi, Stuttgart (Germany).

2012 - Participation in the EastMeetsWestGallery project «The Power of Water» Polytechnic Museum of Moscow.

2012 - Personal exhibition «Fluid Dynamics» at ArtSpace gallery Cambridge (Great Britain).

2012 - Participation in the exhibition «Metageo» dedicated to K. Malevich at Nadja Brykina Gallery AG (Zurich).


His works can be seen at museums and private collections: the Novosibirsk Art Museum, the Abramtsevo Museum, in the collections of Mstislav Rostropovich and Galina Vishnevskaya, the Ambassador of Iceland, private collections in the USA, France, Switzerland, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, England, Russia.