Vladimir Shishkov

1953 – Was born in Moscow, Russia.

1985 - Graduated from the Moscow Polygraphic University, Russia.

Since 1992 and up to date is an assistant professor at the Department of Drawing, Painting and Composition of the Moscow State University of Printing.

1989 - Member of the Union of Artists of the USSR.

The artist works in painting techniques, easel and book graphics, design, sculpture, documentary cinematography.


Laureate of competitions:


1981 - international competition «Poster in the struggle for peace», Moscow, Russia. - «Honorary Diploma»;

1985 - competition «Students of science and production», Sofia, Bulgaria. - «Diploma of the Laureate»;

1985 - competition of the Central Committee of the Komsomol, dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the Victory in the Second World War. Moscow, Russia - 1 prize in the graphics section;

2008 - Finalist of the competition Olympics Landscape Sculpture Design for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games;

2008 - Laureate of the «Talent and Vocation» award established by the World Alliance «Peacemaker».



Participant of international, Russian, Moscow and other exhibitions:


2012 - «Files», gallery «LES OREADES. Moscow «. CHA. Moscow, Russia.

2013 - Folium, Moscow Museum of Furniture, Moscow, Russia.

2015 - Personal exhibition «Gallery T», Moscow, Russia.

2015 - «Byzantine cycle». Museum of the East. Moscow, Russia.


The works can be seen at the State Russian Museum (St. Petersburg, Russia), at the Yaroslavl Art Museum (Yaroslavl, Russia), the History and Art Museum «Zaraisk Kremlin» (Zaraysk, Russia), the Ministry of Culture of Russia (Moscow, Russia), the Exhibition Directorate of the Russian Union of Artists, private collections in Russia and other countries.

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