Street Artist’s “Neo Post Cubism” Graffiti Combines Cubism with Realism

Spanish street artist Miguel Ángel Belinchón—better known as Belin—creates hyperrealistic portraits with a cubist twist. Inspired by the deconstructed forms and expressive portraits of Pablo Picasso, Belin describes his avant-garde style as Neo Post Cubism, a term he has coined and continues to experiment with.

Belin's peculiar portraits are rooted in reality yet stylistically surreal. While the features of each subject are lifelike and rendered in astounding detail, they are arranged in a fractured and frantic manner. This unique juxtaposition between realism and cubism accentuates the emotional aspect of each piece, as emphasis is placed on the subjects' stirring expressions—much like a Picasso painting.

To create each street art-inspired work of art, Belin employs only spray paint, oils, and pencil. In order to fully showcase his “spray skills,” the artist foregoes stencils for a freehand technique. Given this approach, the balance of proportions, steadiness of lines, and meticulously-executed patterns evident in each graffiti portrait are even more impressive than they appear, solidifying Belin's place as a Picasso protégé.

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