Artworks by Ruben Pang

Ruben Pang (b. 1990) is both a visual artist and musician from Singapore. He explores medium and method in his practice. He approaches painting as it is free from any past antecedents of the images, meaning that there are no boundaries between abstraction and representation. In this process, intuition and curiosity are essential. Often the process requires bipolarity between play and performance. Play being defined as pure experimentation; something that can never damage the psyche. The performance is when the information and techniques are consolidated to form arrangements and compositions, be it in visual arts or in produced music. Ruben is a recent fine art graduate from the LASALLE College of the Arts. His collaborators include a team of graphic and interior designers, psychologists, musicians, producers and fellow visual artists. He has exhibited and performed in a variety of locations, from the Singapore Art Museum, Keppel shipyard, Narcotic Counseling Centers, Army Officer Barracks to clubs and heavy metal bars. Ruben has also recently received the Winston Oh Travelogue Award and the Georgette Chen Arts Scholarship.

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