Demonic Painting by Guo Kaijun

Look from the vision, Guo Kaijun’s oil painting process has no intention of reinforced by more and more simple color symbol. Generally speaking, the color is the soul of oil painting language, painter often through the infinitely delicate change color and cultivating artistic touch power transfer.

From the cover of the interest to the shape of demons -- Guo Kaijun painting artistic interpretation The complexity of the contemporary art provides artists with endless ideas and performance, but it also hints at some kind of danger: art as if place oneself in the thorns and the land, the circuit forested wilderness, any kind of careless artists are likely to lead to misguided and hardship. However, from the Angle of art criticism, a successful artist choice and gene mutation of experience but its so the key to success, it is of the artistic form and meaning by his choice of risks to be able to see out. Guo Kaijun oil painting is the carrier of choice and mutation. As an outsider artist, technology and procedure, expression and unity is the premise of inherent in their artistic creation and burden. Yet in a contemporary artist's identity into spirit and form of double adventure, the painter had to disassemble and painful choice painting motif, and on the premise of keep the artistic soul consistency in implementation of image gathering, refactoring, and in disguised forms, significant deepening and rebirth for painting. Since about 2010 years or so, guo image began to appear a kind of blue, white, red and white tarpaulin. This is a strong, incongruous visual stimulus elements, in a series of realistic images of frequent news footage. Artists, however, seems to be the cover of tarpaulins and describe some crack in the lyrical imagery: city neon, the branches of the night, day by day of gorse, childhood fantasy.

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